The royal daughter is to be born tomorrow, on July 22, 2013, by cesaerian section.

This coincides with six planets and the dogstar Sirius being in alignment.

The royal family follows the stars, not God.

July 22 is also the feast day of Mary Magdelene, whom the royal family would have you believe had children with Jesus and that they are the direct descendants of the Son of God.  This is the Priory of Sion hoax.

So how appropriate is it that the royal daughter will be born on this day?

Incidentally, I made this prediction several weeks ago, not on July 21, 2013.




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The Doors were not hippies, they were anti-hippies.  The hippies preached peace and love, but The Doors wanted violence and hate and "blood in the streets".

Jim Morrison was making a lot of occult symbols in his photos, but only the adepts were aware of them at the time.  The symbols Jim used 45 years ago are only now becoming commonplace.

Drug promoter Aldous Huxley,
author of The Doors of Perception,
makes an Eye of Horus
(the sun/lucifer/satan).

Doors singer Jim Morrison,
fan of Aldous Huxley,
with an Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus

Jim sacrificing a lamb,
symbol of Jesus
"You cannot petition the Lord with prayer!...Ya gotta slay a few animals down at the Crossroads"

Sacrificing the lamb

This was one of Jim's favourite photos,
because he "looked satanic" in it

Jim mocking Christ's crucifixion

Jim mocking Christ

Jim arrested for a drunken prank at a football game
Arrested again

Arrested for exposing himself to children on stage
Less than nine months later, Jim was dead at the age of 27

Pointing to the head is a symbol of occult knowledge

Skull and Bones, symbolizing death worship,
used by pirates, secret societies, and the Nazis

The camera is a common Eye of Horus symbol

Jim shows the Eye of Horus symbol,
as usual

The Doors venerating satanist Aleister Crowley
Jim makes a pyramid symbol with his arms

Jim under demonic possession,
as he frequently was on stage

Jim pointing to his head, a symbol of occult knowledge

Jim with a demonic goatee

The Doors promoting drug use

Eyes of Horus

The Doors with a New World Order quote

Jim has ascended the ladder of occult knowledge

Jim with symbolic "rays of illumination",
like the Statue of Liberty

Ray Manzarek with an Eye of Horus

The Doors "between the pillars"
Twin pillars symbolize Boaz and Jachin, the entrance to Solomon's Temple, and the key to immortality

Jim with a bloody backdrop

Jim with Pamela Courson,
Eye of Horus
Rare photo of Jim smiling

Jim levitating Pam

The cover of The Doors' famous first album has an
Eye of Horus symbol

Back cover has four Eyes of Horus

Waiting for Osiris and the Golden Dawn of a New Day, just like Satanist Aleister Crowley did

The Soft Parade logo has a mirror reflection,
symbolizing the spiritual realm
In numerology, 13 is the Number of Man (6) plus the Number of God (7).
Nephilim are a combination of human females and male "gods" (demons).

Jesus is crucified electrically
What better way to symbolize rock music?

Jim with an Eye of Horus.  His Third Eye is the Sun. 
The American flag is tattered and bloodied.

Jim was not the only member of The Doors into the occult, as this post-Jim album cover shows
A man evolves from the ring of fire into a "god"
The "sideways 8" symbolizes reincarnation and immortality
The Sphinx is Egyptian mysticism
Full Circle refers to the Circle of Life

Jim in demonic red

Ray "touches the alien" with green skin, like Osiris
Jim with body parts
John, Jim, Robby and Ray play with the body parts,
Androgyny symbol

Jim as Osiris in the illuminated circle
Mirrors symbolize the spiritual realm and fractured personalities
Multiple Eyes of Horus
Jim, known as the "Lizard King" and the "Crawling King Snake", wears a snakeskin (serpent) suit
In the Garden of Eden, the serpent was satan
Jim pretends he has been electrocuted to death
The Doors worship the Sun,
with their knees forming pyramids
Jim, with arms crossed, is Osiris once again
The Doors trample the American flag
Their hatred of God and love of debauchery is communist in nature
The Doors depicted as "the Light at the end of the tunnel"
Under the Royal Arch

Jim Morrison in the closet.
Jim loved to brutally sodomize women
and was rumoured to be bisexual.
Jim sang "I'm a back door man" with The Doors and "F--- her in the ass" with Jimi Hendrix.
The hangers in the photo symbolize the many abortions Jim forced his groupies to get.  They are also pyramids.
The television screen is an Eye of Horus, like a cathode ray Sun.

Jim's handwritten lyrics to "L.A. Woman"
Note the man with an Eye of Horus head
Kite is an oblong square with lightning, symbolizing satan
"I beheld satan, as lightning, fall from heaven"
Luke 10:18

"Jim Morrison, superstar of The Doors, died mysteriously on the 3rd July, 1971.  He was deeply involved in the occult.  Morrison married his wife in a Wicca ceremony, where they stood inside a pentagram and drank one another’s blood" (The Illuminati, Satanism, Drugs, and the Music Industry). 

Morrison said: “I met the Spirit of Music, an appearance of the devil in a Venice canal. Running, I saw Satan, or Satyr [Pan], moving beside me, a fleshly shadow of my secret mind...” - The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison, p. 36-38.  

Ray Manzarek of The Doors says of Morrison: “He was not a performer.  He was not an entertainer.  He was not a showman.  He was a shaman.  He was possessed”. 

“While [Jim Morrison] he was staying at the Chateau Marmont, he spent a few wild nights with a buxom neighbour..., once waking up in a tangle of bloody sheets after they shared champagne glasses of each other’s blood” - Pamela Des Barres, Rock Bottom, p. 208.

Now that you have seen a glimpse of the demonic origins of The Doors' music, I hope you will delete them from your life and follow the Creator who Jim, Ray, John and Robby rejected.